Trends in Shopping Apps Indicate Consumers Anticipated to Dedicate 50 Billion Hours in Applications


Following the Covid-19 pandemic, shopping apps have seen a significant increase in usage that persists even after the end of lockdowns.

Astoundingly, it is projected that Android users will collectively devote 50 billion hours to using shopping apps in 2023, marking a 42% increase compared to the previous year. This notable shift in consumer behavior signifies an enduring preference for the convenience offered by mobile shopping.

A recent study suggests that this rise in mobile shopping can be largely credited to companies that have adopted a mobile-focused strategy. Retailers, supermarkets, and pharmacies are among the sectors witnessing considerable growth.

What sets a successful shopping app apart from the rest? To comprehend this, we need to scrutinize the top 10 shopping apps, which distinguish themselves by providing a wide range of features compared to their top 30 counterparts. These features include third-party payment options, curated shopping content, daily or hourly deals, buy-now-pay-later functionality, and member rewards programs.

From the first half of 2022 to the same period in 2023, nine out of the top 10 shopping apps experienced significant growth in global time spent. Ecommerce giants such as SHEIN, AliExpress, and Temu were instrumental in driving this growth.

Temu, in particular, showed impressive progress in 2023, overtaking SHEIN to become the top app by global downloads across both iOS and Google Play in August 2023.

Several of these leading apps secured a spot in the top 10 shopping apps list based on total time spent during the first half of 2023, reaffirming their supremacy within the mobile shopping landscape.

These apps not only attracted a large user base but also managed to keep them engaged for prolonged periods, demonstrating their dominance in the mobile shopping industry during this period.

Shopping apps continue to flourish post-pandemic, with Android users expected to spend 50 billion hours in 2023, reflecting a 42% increase. Top shopping apps excel by offering third-party payments, curated content, deals, BNPL functionality, and member rewards. The top 10 shopping apps show substantial growth, with Temu emerging as the global leader in downloads. This illustrates the dynamic and competitive nature of the mobile shopping market.

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