Optimize Your E-commerce Application for a Successful Black Friday and Cyber Monday


The holiday season, featuring key events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas, is a retail whirlwind. This time sees a spike in promotions and online deals, leading to an increase in app downloads on both the App Store and Google Play.

Essential Takeaways to Maximize Your App’s Performance During the Holiday Season: Metadata Mastery: Boost your app’s visibility by enriching its metadata with relevant keywords such as “Black Friday,” “discounts,” and “deals”. However, exercise caution when using discount-related keywords on Google Play. Creative Advantage: Revamp your app’s creatives, including screenshots and videos, to align them with your Black Friday promotional campaigns for optimized conversions. Tailored Pages: Employ Custom Product Pages (CPP) on the App Store to customize your app’s presentation for specific user intents and campaigns. In-App Engagement: Utilize Apple’s in-app events to engage with new, existing, or inactive users, potentially earning a feature on the App Store for increased visibility. Promotional Power: Update your promo text (iOS) to highlight special features and deals, enhancing user engagement. Performance Preparedness: Make sure your app is ready to accommodate increased user traffic, avoiding glitches and bugs, and providing a smooth shopping experience.

Unveiling Search Trends for the keyword “black friday”: Every year in the United States, the anticipation around Black Friday begins. The search interest for the term starts to escalate by late October. In 2022, “Black Friday” was the most searched term, peaking at 60 in December. Interestingly, consumers start looking for Black Friday deals as early as September!

It’s evident that preparing your App Store Optimization (ASO) strategy for Black Friday is vital. These spikes in interest present a unique opportunity for apps to demonstrate their responsiveness and capture search traffic by optimizing their metadata.

Best Practices for Optimizing Your App for Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Each year, Rakuten exemplifies how shopping apps adjust their metadata for Black Friday-related searches. Just before Black Friday 2021, Rakuten updated its title and subtitle with pertinent keywords, and refreshed screenshots to showcase its Black Friday deals. This resulted in a significant uplift in its search ranking.

In the subsequent year, Rakuten continued to improve its visibility through updated descriptions and screenshots, seizing the Black Friday opportunity, a prime time for increasing traffic and downloads.

To capitalize on the heightened search volume for “Black Friday,” apps should be open to experimentation, such as including the keyword “Black Friday” in their title. Lesser-known apps promoting deals have often ranked high for this keyword in the past, making it crucial for brands to show relevance to Apple by incorporating it into their title.

Boosting Visibility with In-App Events: Leverage in-app events to boost your app’s visibility during the holiday season. In-app events and promotional content are potent tools for enhancing engagement and amplifying your app’s presence on the App Store and Google Play. These events include various activities like challenges, live streams, movie premieres, and more.

In App Store search results, in-app event cards are significant. By strategically including keywords like “Black Friday deals” in your in-app event title, you can enhance your chances of ranking for those search terms.

For example, in 2022, Temu hosted an in-app event focused on Black Friday deals. The use of relevant keywords in the event metadata enabled this in-app event to secure a spot in search results. The bold font size and unique colors used to emphasize “Black Friday” and “70% off” made it highly attractive to users seeking such deals.

Increase your app’s momentum and downloads by utilizing Custom Product Pages (CPP). These pages allow iOS app and game developers to showcase.

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