Elon Musk has intentions to set a fee of $1 annually for X’s fresh user access


Twitter owner Elon Musk has introduced a new initiative to combat bots and encourage genuine users to join the platform. The “Not a Bot” program, currently being tested in New Zealand and the Philippines, requires all new users to pay a modest $1 annual fee for various Twitter functionalities.

Under this program, new users must complete two steps to access Twitter: verifying their phone number and subscribing to an annual plan.

Twitter continues to offer its “Premium” package with a blue checkmark feature for $8 per month.

Moreover, there is a new tier priced at $1 per year, allowing users to post content, like posts, reply, repost, quote other posts, and bookmark tweets.

Users who choose not to pay will have limited functionality and will be restricted to “read-only” activities such as viewing posts, watching videos, and following accounts.

Twitter’s announcement explains that the “Not a Bot” program aims to combat bots and spammers who try to manipulate the platform and disrupt the user experience. While the impact of a $1 annual fee is being questioned, it seems to be a basic anti-spam measure.

The question arises whether users, especially casual ones, will accept the inconvenience of a subscription fee for a service that was previously free. Twitter’s reputation has suffered recently due to an influx of spam, disinformation, and nonsense.

For some users, the fee may be viewed as a sign of value, and $1 per year may not seem significant enough.

Currently, the program only applies to new accounts, and there is no official indication that existing users will be required to pay.

However, the statement “existing users are not affected within this test” suggests that this could change if the program proves successful. If implemented, it could represent a significant milestone for Twitter, with the platform’s future at stake.

The effectiveness of Elon Musk’s approach in addressing Twitter’s spam issue is yet to be determined. While the platform’s quality and usability have declined, introducing a fee as an initial step may not necessarily be the ideal solution.

The success of this new initiative will be closely monitored, and the future of Twitter may ultimately hinge on its outcome.

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