Driving a Fintech App’s User Acquisition Upwards by More Than 30% via Enhanced DAU & MAU


In the world of app growth metrics, revenue often takes center stage, but retention is equally critical. Our recent Fintech App Engagement Benchmark Report sheds light on this, revealing an average stickiness quotient of 22% for fintech apps, surpassing other categories and indicating fintech’s robust staying power.

But what exactly is stickiness and how can it be measured? It’s calculated by dividing the number of daily active users (DAU) by the number of monthly active users (MAU) and multiplying the result by 100. A consistently high stickiness score signifies strong user retention, a vital component for sustainable growth. Conversely, low stickiness may suggest a disconnect between the app and its users, potentially leading to future setbacks. Thankfully, there are proven strategies to bolster stickiness.

The global fintech market was valued at nearly 226.71 billion in 2023, with forecasts predicting a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.8% from 2024 to 2032, reaching 917.17 billion by 2032. As the industry becomes increasingly competitive, focusing on user retention and engagement is paramount for fintech apps.

Personalized experiences are key to driving higher DAU/MAU figures. Users crave tailored solutions that cater to their financial needs, and apps that deliver on this expectation tend to enjoy greater engagement. With mobile usage soaring, optimizing apps for mobile devices is imperative for maintaining high engagement rates.

Moreover, in an era of heightened cybersecurity concerns, ensuring robust security measures is non-negotiable. Users demand the utmost protection for their financial data, and apps that prioritize security are better positioned to retain and attract users.

Improving DAU and MAU is a coveted goal for app owners, necessitating a strategic approach. Let’s delve into a success story illustrating how one fintech app achieved this feat.

Our journey began with comprehensive keyword research using ASO tools, uncovering high-traffic, low-competition keywords relevant to the fintech sector. Analyzing competitor strategies allowed us to identify opportunities for expanding the app’s reach.

We then optimized the onboarding process based on insights gleaned from ASO tools, addressing potential drop-off points to enhance user experience. Implementing personalized push notifications and re-engagement campaigns proved effective in reminding users of the app’s value and encouraging return visits.

Leveraging ASOWorld’s ratings and reviews service bolstered the app’s credibility, fostering trust among users. Encouraging positive feedback and promptly addressing concerns contributed to a positive user experience and higher retention rates.

To further boost engagement, we introduced new features such as budgeting tools, investment advice, and a rewards program, enticing users to engage with the app regularly. Additionally, gamification elements were incorporated to incentivize user actions and foster a sense of achievement.

Continued ASO services ensure the app maintains a strong presence in app stores, with regular updates to keywords, screenshots, and feature listings keeping it fresh and appealing.

By prioritizing user acquisition, retention, and engagement, we propelled our client’s fintech app to new heights, with targeted advertising campaigns, personalized onboarding experiences, and feature enhancements driving a substantial increase in DAU and MAU.

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