Boosting Organic Downloads via Tactical ASO Strategies for Photography Applications


In the dynamic world of Photo & Video apps, developers are vying for user attention against pre-installed camera apps from tech behemoths like Apple and Samsung. The Global Photo Editing App Market, valued at USD 14,818.2 Million in 2019, is projected to soar to USD 30,051.5 Million by 2027, driven by the increasing demand for sophisticated editing tools. This surge is propelled by improved smartphone features and the widespread influence of social media.

As we navigate the intricacies of this market, let’s examine a case study that encapsulates the hurdles and victories encountered by photo editing apps in the current digital era.

Our client’s app is an innovative photography application tailored for professional photographers. It distinguishes itself in the market by enabling users to handle .RAW files, guaranteeing top-tier image processing. This exclusive feature equips professionals with the ability to attain outcomes unachievable with conventional photo editing applications.

Traffic Downturn: The client noted that before 2019, the app’s average daily downloads were stable at around 3,000. However, post-2019, downloads plummeted for reasons yet to be identified.
Escalating Advertising Expenses: In an attempt to bolster download figures, the client experimented with Google and Facebook ads, which managed to sustain an average daily download rate of 6,000 to 8,000. However, starting from September this year, due to algorithm alterations or other factors, advertising costs surged, prompting the client to progressively abandon the advertising approach.
Marketing Budget Strain: With the escalation in advertising costs, the original advertising strategy became less economical for maintaining download figures, imposing budget constraints on the client.
Exploring New Promotion Techniques: Confronted with the challenge of rising advertising costs, the client sought assistance from App Store Optimization (ASO), hoping to leverage this more cost-effective and efficient promotional method to boost the app’s visibility and download figures.
Uncertainty Stemming from Algorithm Changes: Algorithm modifications on app stores and social media platforms introduce unpredictability to marketing efforts, potentially making previously successful advertising strategies ineffective overnight, thereby complicating the adjustment of marketing strategies.
During our preliminary discussion with the client, we discovered that their objective was to elevate the app’s daily download count to at least 6,000 to 8,000. To accomplish this, we first performed a comprehensive data analysis of the app using FoxData.

The analysis disclosed that the app was underperforming in keyword rankings, making it challenging for potential users to effortlessly discover the app in the app store.

The insights gleaned from the analysis enabled us to identify areas requiring enhancement and established a robust foundation for the ensuing optimization strategy.

Subsequently, we emphasized the significance of keyword optimization to the client and scrutinized their competitors’ apps. By analyzing the competitors’ keyword strategies, titles, and descriptions, we swiftly pinpointed deficiencies in our client’s app titles and descriptions.

These insights facilitated us to accurately target and formulate a more concentrated optimization strategy for our client’s app.

Given that the client had never utilized a keyword install service and was uncertain about budgeting for such campaigns, we opted for a gradual approach.

We crafted a bespoke optimization plan for the client, selecting two keywords of interest to the client and conducted approximately 50 trial installs for each keyword. The aim of this phase was to showcase the initial effectiveness of ASO and foster confidence in our services.

With a modest number of installations for the chosen keywords, we promptly observed positive results. The client’s app witnessed a substantial improvement in search rankings for these keywords, and daily download figures started to ascend.

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