Why you need the app ratings & reviews?

Users rely on app reviews as social proof that they're downloading a quality app. Make a good first impression and also build a loyal community by replying to user ratings & reviews. The primary algorithm of Google Play or the App Store is designed to ensure that the apps shown predominantly align with user needs. This is achieved through a blend of factors, including the keywords associated with your app, user reviews and ratings, and the app’s downloads.

Boosting App Rankings: The Power of Reviews and Keyword Optimization

App reviews significantly contribute to the ranking of your app. For a new app, achieving keyword ranking is paramount. This can be expedited by accumulating reviews, otherwise, one might have to wait for months to gather a small number of organic reviews.


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Understanding the Algorithm of Google Play and App Store

The primary algorithm of Google Play or the App Store is designed to ensure that the apps displayed largely satisfy user needs. This is achieved by considering a mix of factors, such as your app’s keywords, its reviews and ratings

Benefits of buying App reviews

A high category rank might not yield significant benefits, as it requires a substantial number of reviews to achieve top ranks. App reviews can assist your app in gaining initial keyword ranks and contribute slightly to all potential keywords present in your title, description, and keyword fields. We recommend starting with App reviews, for the first month, if your app has just hit the app store.

The Impact of Ratings and Reviews

Both Google Play and the App Store show a propensity to rank apps higher if they have more positive ratings and reviews. These ratings and reviews are crucial factors for App Store Optimization (ASO), affecting both the visibility and conversion rate of the app. According to our survey and feedback report, in which thousands of app users were polled about their views on ratings and reviews, nearly 80% of them check these reviews. More than half of the respondents consider these reviews as influential as the opinions of their friends.

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